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Xakia authentication with OIDC
Xakia authentication with OIDC
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The Xakia authentication system implements OpenID Connect (and OAuth 2) standards. The Outlook add-in and main application implement an Authorization Code flow with PKCE.

From a user’s perspective, the following occurs:

  • The user opens the App/Outlook add-in

  • If the user is not authenticated, the auth flow begins, redirecting the user to the Xakia global auth service

  • The user enters their email and the global auth service does a realm discover to determine the IDP for the user

  • The user is redirected to the downstream IDP, where they authenticate

  • Upon successful authentication, the IDP calls back to Xakia global auth service who issues a token

  • A call back to the App/Outlook add-in then completes the auth flow with the bearer token

Xakia implements all the standard security mechanisms recommended for SPAs such as CORS and content security policies to enforce security.

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