How to use the iManage integration
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Link your Xakia matters directly to your iManage workspace and documents.

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How it works

Once your iManage integration has been set up, it will automatically link any new matter to iManage by creating a workspace in iManage that corresponds to the Matter in Xakia. Any updates to Xakia matters are automatically pushed through to the iManage workspace as well.

This can be seen as follows:

  • Create a matter and click 'Save'

  • Once saved, click on the iManage icon on the core matter form

  • A slide-out will appear showing the status of the link to iManage. When the link completes, the slide-out will display an 'Open Workspace' button which can be clicked on to take you directly to the iManage workspace.

Shortcut management

The Xakia iManage integration will push shortcuts to iManage that will appear in the iManage 'My Matters' section. For any user that is a team member or a matter manager on a matter, the integration will create a shortcut under 'My Matters' in iManage for that user for the corresponding workspace.

Link to existing workspaces

You can choose to enable the option to 'Link to Existing Workspaces' in iManage in your admin by following the below instructions.

Firstly, confirm that the setting is enabled in your admin:

  • Click on 'Admin' in the top navigation bar

  • Select 'Integrations' from the left-hand side panel

  • Confirm that the 'Provider' is iManage

  • Under the 'General Settings' tab, select the box 'Allow Linking to Existing Workspace'

  • Select 'Save'

Note: When the 'Allow Linking to Existing Workspace' is toggled on, the integration will not automatically create new workspaces.

Link to Existing Workspaces in iManage:

  • When creating a new matter or saving a matter, the iManage slide-out will now display two options:

    • 'Link to New Workspace'

    • 'Link to Existing Workspace'

  • Select 'Link to Existing Workspace'

  • Search for the workspace to link to by matter name

  • Select workspace to link to

  • Once you select 'Link', the slide-out will link the Xakia matter to the given workspace

Note: When a matter is linked to an existing workspace in this way, it will not modify any information on that workspace in iManage.

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