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Setting up a NetDocuments Cabinet for use with the Xakia NetDocuments integration
Setting up a NetDocuments Cabinet for use with the Xakia NetDocuments integration
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This document outlines the configuration steps required to prepare a NetDocuments Cabinet, such that it can be used with the Xakia NetDocuments integration.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Create Profile Attributes

  • Open the 'Profile Attributes' administration page in NetDocuments

  • Create the following 5 profile attributes. Ensure that the 'Use lookup table' option is selected for each of them:

    1. 'Matter' - select 'Base security on this attribute' and 'Prompt if empty'

    2. 'Division' - select 'Prompt if empty'

    3. 'Sub-Division' - select 'Link to parent' and select 'Division'

    4. 'Category' - select 'Prompt if empty'

    5. 'Sub-Category' - select 'Link to parent' and select 'Category'

Configure Cabinet

Follow these steps to configure:

  1. Open the 'Administration' page for the Cabinet

  2. Near the top of page, click the 'Define workspace templates' link

  3. For the 'Base workspaces on this attribute' selection, select the 'Matter' profile attribute

  4. Check the 'Enable workspaces in this cabinet' box

  5. Click 'Save Templates'

  6. Open the 'Cabinet Administration' page again

  7. Ensure that the user that authenticates to NetDocuments for the integration has administrative privileges on the NetDocuments Repository and VESA access to the cabinet on the Cabinet Security section

  8. On the 'Configurable Document Attributes' section, tick all 5 of the profile attributes created earlier

  9. Click 'Submit' near the bottom of the page

Note: The cabinet will not be ready for use in Xakia immediately. You may need to wait up to an hour for NetDocuments internal processing to complete first before Xakia can use it.

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