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Capture the power of Checkbox and empower your business with complex decision trees, frequently asked questions and document creation and have this information push directly into Xakia without human intervention.

A workflow with Checkbox will look like this:

  • Your business user will interact with Checkbox to ask and/or answer questions

  • The information gathered by Checkbox will push into Xakia as either a Legal Request or as a completed matter (as configured by Checkbox). It will include:

    • Custom questions and answers gathered

    • The draft document prepared by Checkbox

  • As with all Legal Requests, you can set team members to triage and assign the work and you can configure Checkbox to nominate Resourcing as 'Automated - in part' or 'Automated - in full'.

Note: To access 'Automated' resourcing options, please follow the steps outlined in the Automation and Resourcing article here.

Please visit the Checkbox website if you would like more information.

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