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How to set up Microsoft Teams
How to set up Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft Teams helps bring people together so they can get things done.

The Xakia-Teams integration aims to improve team co-ordination and gain greater visibility to all legal matters.

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About the Xakia-Teams integration

Designed to keep you informed, the integration sends the following notifications with a link to Xakia to shared channels in Teams:

  • Matters created

  • New legal intake request received

Getting started with the Xakia-Teams integration

To enable the Teams integration, we utilize the Incoming Webhook connector to generate a secure and unique webhook URL to allow us to post messages to your shared channel.

Follow the steps below to get started:

In Microsoft Teams

  • Open Microsoft Teams and navigate to the desired Team/Channel you want the notifications to post into

  • Use the channel menu to select 'Connectors'

  • Search for 'Incoming Webhook'

  • Click 'Configure'

  • On the Configuration Page, give the webhook a name (for example, Xakia). You can also change the icon from the default to one of ours here

  • Click on 'Create'

  • Copy the entire URL from the box. This is the URL that we will put into our Xakia configuration to start sending notifications

In the Xakia App

  • Click on 'Admin' in the top navigation menu

  • Click on 'Integrations' from the left hand side menu

  • Click on the 'Communications' tab

  • Under the 'Microsoft Teams Configuration Settings' section, take the URL that you copied from Teams and paste it in the field in Xakia. Note: These URLs can be long

  • Click the 'Enabled' button to toggle it on

  • Click 'Save' at the top of the screen

  • Toggle the desired notifications you wish to receive in Teams to 'On'

  • Click 'Save' at the top of the screen to begin receiving those messages in your Teams channel

  • You will now start to receive notifications in Teams. You will be able to click on the 'View Matter in Xakia' button in Teams to view the matter in Xakia

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