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How to install the Xakia-Salesforce App
How to install the Xakia-Salesforce App
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Streamline and improve collaboration between the Sales and Legal Teams.

Xakia Legal Requests for Salesforce will ensure your sales team can collaborate with the legal team to request and resolve deal-related legal requests efficiently and effectively, without leaving Salesforce, making deal closing faster.

Note: This integration is available on the Advance subscription plan.

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Login requirements for setting up the integration

Salesforce Account (Sales Cloud)

  • Sales Cloud login with system admin user profile

  • Sales user profile having access to an Opportunity


  • A system admin with a login to the Xakia platform

Overview of the Xakia-Salesforce integration

Easily create a legal request in Xakia directly from opportunities in Salesforce. There’s no duplicate data entry, and key information and updates are automatically displayed in Salesforce.

Key features include:

  • The Sales team will be able to raise a legal request based on a request type in Salesforce

  • The Sales team will have the option to select from the following Legal Request Templates in Salesforce:

    • NDA

    • Term Sheet

    • Sales Contract

    • Contract Change

  • Ability to add links to documents

  • Communicate through Salesforce Chatter and Xakia Discussion

Instructions for installing the App

Download our installation guide to help you set up and configure the App.

Download the App from the Salesforce AppExchange

The Xakia Legal Requests for Salesforce app is offered as a managed package. It is intended to be used within the Opportunity page in Salesforce.

Note: A System Administrator will need to follow the steps below to install and configure your Xakia Legal Requests for Salesforce app.

The Xakia Legal Requests for Salesforce App can be downloaded from the Salesforce AppExchange here.

Click on the ‘Get it now’ button to start installation.

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