How the NetDocuments integration works
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Seamlessly open your workspace in NetDocuments through Xakia.

Once your NetDocuments integration has been set up, your integration will work in the following way:

  • Create a matter and click 'Save'

  • Once saved, click on the NetDocuments icon on the core matter form

  • A slide-out will appear

    • If using multi-cabinet, select cabinet

    • If linking to an existing workspace, select workspace

  • Click 'Create Workspace'

  • NetDocuments will take 5-10 seconds to generate a new workspace, including the details of your matter (matter number, name, security settings etc)

  • The slide-out will now display 'Open Workspace' which can be clicked on to take you directly to the NetDocuments screen

Watch this short video to learn more about the NetDocuments integration and how it works.

View our article if you need assistance setting up the NetDocuments integration.

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