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Okta App OIDC Configuration Guide
Okta App OIDC Configuration Guide
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When the Xakia Okta app is configured for OIDC, Xakia users will be able to use Single Sign-On (SSO) via Okta when logging into Xakia.

Supported features

  • SP-initiated SSO

  • SP-initiated logout

See further instructions below under 'SP-initiated SSO Instructions'.

Step-by-step configuration instructions

Step 1: Xakia

  • In Xakia go to Admin --> Settings --> Security --> Federated Identity

  • Select Okta as the identity provider

  • Note the ‘Company ID’

Step 2: Okta

  • Browse the app catalog in Okta and search for Xakia and add the Xakia app

  • Select the Sign-On tab and press 'Edit'

  • Fill out ‘Company ID’ with the Company Id from Xakia as noted down in the previous step

  • Set the ‘Application username format’ to Email

  • Click 'Save'

  • Note down the ‘Client ID’ of the Okta Application


Step 3: Complete Xakia Configuration

  • In Xakia go to Admin --> Settings --> Security --> Federated Identity

  • In Xakia under Federated Identity, fill out ‘Client Id’ with the Okta Client ID noted down in the previous step

  • Enter your Okta domain (e.g in the ‘Issuer URL’ field

  • Click 'Save'


Step 4: Configure users

Xakia offers two approaches for configuring users to login with SSO via Okta.

  1. Provision and manage users directly from Okta using SCIM provisioning (Recommended)

  2. Manually configuring users to login via Okta

Provision users from Okta

To provision Xakia users directly from Okta follow the SCIM configuration guide here. Only Xakia main application users need to be added - please do not add Internal client users. Internal client users will be automatically provisioned by accessing the Internal Client Portal directly.

Note: Internal Client users must be assigned to the Xakia OIDC app in Okta to be automatically provisioned.

Manually Configure Users

  • In Xakia go to Admin --> Settings --> Security --> Federated Identity

  • Toggle on ‘Enable User Provisioning from Xakia’

  • Go to the Users tab and add/edit a user

  • Set Okta as their Identity Provider

SP-initiated SSO Instructions:

You can set up Single Sign On (SSO) by following the instructions in this article.

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